Recorded Live at Strange Brew Lounge Side, Austin, Texas

Show dates: (4/23/2016 • 11/29/2016 • 1/5/2016)
Vocals, Guitars: David Hamburger & Eric Bettencourt

Bass: Matt Lindsey & Daniel McKenna

Drums: John Chipman & Aaron Parks

Live Audio Mixing and Recording: Carles Zanetti & Brian Cates

Post Production Mixing / CD Cover Design: Eric Bettencourt

Mastering: Katie Gilchrest • 
All songs written by David Hamburger or Eric Bettencourt.

Track Listing


1. Miss Henderson's Riding Academy

2. Old Grim

3. Treat Me Like a Thief

4. Climbing Back

5. Clown Playing Hamlet

6. Around the Block

7. I Believe

8. Pennsylvania Station Blues*

9. Baby In the Bathtub*

(Runtime: 51:30 / (*Acoustic Bonus Tracks)

Austin ★ Texas

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